Beautiful at Boots

14 May


I walked into Boots for my make-up makeover a bit nervous, I’m so used to my everyday look – concelor to cover up the dark eyes and blemishes, heavy ivory foundation, red blusher, black eyeliner on the inside and outside, a ton of mascara and my trademark slick of pink lipstick – that I was scared to change just one part of my look even though I know deep down that I have to.

I sat down on the for my free No7 makeover and screamed a bit on the inside when I was asked to remove all my make-up – what if somebody I knew walked past and saw my incredibly pasty face, snapped a picture and tagged me in on facebook for all the world to see!

My personal makeover consultant Jan proceeded to give me a mini facial which was absolute bliss, never having one before I soon fell in love with being pampered and I will definitely be pestering my mum to clense, tone and moisturise me every night from now on – in return for being an her favourite daughter, granted I am an only child.


Jan used Advanced Hydration Day Cream – £15 – which worked wonders on my incredibly dry forehead and now it no longer feels like a Ritz cracker but a refreshing waterfall instead – if you see me out and about don’t be afraid to reach out and touch it.

Instant radiance Beauty Balm – £16- was then applied which gave it a big boost and illuminated my pale skin so much that you needed a pair of sunglasses. The beauty balm is also a great pick-me-up for tired skin which I definitely needed after that night out at in the students union the evening before. As well as all the above it also acts as a primer and keeps your make-up on for longer which as we all know is a definite must-have for those long working days.

Quick tip – pat on face cream rather than rubbing it in as it locks into your skin better and will give you a glowing look.

Next up was every girl’s favourite make-up product – foundation! Jan used the Instant Radiance foundation (£12.50) which gives us girlies a light to medium coverage as well as illuminating the skin.

Three stripes of different coloured foundation were applied to my cheek near the jawline to see which colour is best for me – after a lot of hmming, Jan went with the middle choice which was absolutely perfect for my pale yet yellow based skin.


Rather than applying it with your fingers – which I always do as I’m constantly in a rush even though it leaves me with big cakey foundadtioned fingers – the best thing to do is to use a foundation brush as it goes on A LOT better and gives you an even finish.


Next up was my personal beauty savoir – concealer (Insant radiance – £13.50.)  Now this is going to sound rather dumb so please don’t shout at me but ever since I started to play with make-up in my secondry school days I ALWAYS apply my concealer first then drown myself in foundation. But in actual fact you have to put your concealer on OVER your foundation base to make it work – perhaps that’s why I always end up with dark eyes even if I do put a TON of concealer on.


Quick tip – dot under your eyes with the concealer then tap it into your skin as it goes in deeper than if you rub it in.

A powder blusher – Natural blush cheek colour –  was put on next; I went for a rather rosy red colour as I wanted that Snow White-esque look. Jan applied the blusher up the cheekbones in light strokes rather than just stamping it on like I usually do and I will say it does make a helluva difference.


Now it was time to move on to the EYES. Jan first applied an eye make-up base – Perfect smoothing & brightening eye base (£7.75) – which will keep the eye shadow on all day – so it’s perfect for bridal make-up or if you’re anything like me it’s perfect for an all day shopping trip where you want to look your best.


I have green eyes but I wanted a smokey look so Jan took that into measure and used the Stay Perfect trio eyeshadow in twilight 60 (£10) – which is ironic since I hate Twilight but loved these colours – that would make my eyes pop.

The grey and black shades are ultra sparkly which is perfect for me as I’m a sparkly kind of person. However, they are best suited for a night out and not a trip to McDonalds with the BFF.

The lightest shade – an off white – was applied up to the brow bones and blended in with the grey. Finally a thin shade of the glittering black was applied along the bottom to create an eye-popping smokey eyed look that Megan Fox would be jealous off.

Next up was black kohl eyeliner – Amazing eyes pencil (£7.75) – which I was dreading because if anybody other then myself comes near to my eyeball I get terrified and my eyes water so much I could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool. However, the beauty of the expertly applied eyeliner more than made up for the suffering of my poor right eye.


Extreme length mascara – £12.50 – was applied next to turn my tiny eyelashes into a camel-esque look.

Quick tip – apply your mascara right to the root in a zig-zag motion as it separates and lengthens.

Lips were the next order of the day – I love lipstick! I wear it every single day and can’t go an hour without topping it up. Jan used the exclusive limited edition Poppy King range.


I instantly picked out a bright pink lipstick and lipgloss – Poppy King lipstick and lipgloss in glamour, £12 and £11 respectively. Lipliner was applied first to ensure that the lipstick didn’t bleed and can give the illusion that your lips are bigger – which I desperately need.

Lipstick was applied next with a lipbrush and a slick of lipgloss went on top to get that ultra bombshell look.

So there you have it in under an hour I was transformed from a pale, spotty, tired-eyed girl into a Hollywood starlet.


Before - my everyday look - After

So next time you’re getting ready for a night-out, a hot first date or if you want a brand new look get yourself down to Boots, book yourself a free make-up makeover with No 7 and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed and if you’re lucky you might even get a few freebies ;).

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