Just Me

22 May

When I was told that I would be making my own jewellery I had no idea what to expect at all – would I be stringing beads on a bit of ribbon? perhaps moulding plastic into a cute robot to wear around my neck or maybe even laying my hands on diamonds and rubys – a girl can dream right?

So when I walked into the Just Me store in the Corner Craft Emporium based in The Mall and spotted all the wonderful, chic and extremely cute homewares, paintings and fascinators I was ever so excited to start making my own piece of jewellery.

I sat down at the crafting table which was packed to the brim with ribbon, sequins, home-made buttons and more! – it was every craft girls fantasy.


Next up was choosing what piece of jewellery I wanted to make from beautiful broaches to magnificent hat pins my mind was blown with all the choices.

I eventually decided on a bib necklace as when I was putting my outfit together on that morning I wished I had a bib-style necklace to go with my striped mini dress.

My first task was to choose which ribbon and lace I wanted to decorate my bib with – after a lot of searching through the tons of fabric and a helluva lot of humming and ahhing over my top 10 ribbons I eventually went for a pink gingham, a very on trend crochet lace and a boho chic floral adorned little number.


After pinning the fabric down to the piece of felt, up came the impossible task of…. threading the needle, after about ten attempts and five minutes later I eventually got that piece of thread through the eye only for it to fall through the hole I made with the needle.

Another 10 minutes later I finally managed to sew down all my pieces of ribbon and with a bit of help I even had a bit of pleating action going on.


Next up was choosing the adornments to place on to the necklace and boy oh boy there were soooo many to choose out of – from glittery butterflys to polkadot homemade buttons and so many glittering sequins that even Katy Perry would be jealous!


After going through the billions of adornments I finally picked out a miniture floral bow that once belonged to a pot doll, a little Russian-esque woman with missing legs, a delicate silver butterfly, a very vintage pink button and a beautiful brass little button.

Again after many failed attempts to stitch the buttons to the ribbon I had at last finished my extremly unique and one-of-kind bib necklace just in time for lunch.


I LOVE my home-made – or should that be just me-made – necklace and I haven’t took it off yet!

It goes with everything in my wardarobe and EVERYBODY keeps complimenting me on it and asking where I bought it from and i’m very proud to say back that I made it myself ;).

So to all you fabolous fashionstias out there you MUST go along and make your very own piece of jewellery.

During Middlesbrough Fashion Week Michelle will be holding jewellery workshops every day so go along and make your very own bib necklace, brooch or even a fascinator for the races. Sessions run every day at 10am-11am or 1pm-2pm and only cost £7.

It’s so much fun and you will be able to create your very own piece of jewellery that NOBODY else in the world will have – come on girlies, you can’t put a price on that!

Listen below for an interview with Michelle Parratt the beauty and the brains behind Just Me.

‘Like’ Just Me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Just-Me-by-Michelle-Parratt/166037820108363


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