A backstage date with Kate

24 May

When you think of Kate Fearnley combined with Middlesbrough Fashion Week I bet you think it’s all glitz, glamour and Golden Margaritas but not for this hard-working fashion blogger – I got right into the mix backstage at the VIP event ‘A Date with Kate.’

As soon as I stepped into MFW HQ on the morning I was put straight to the task of making up the goodie bags for the event later on that night which involved the very tricky task of ensuring the pink tissue paper was still sticking out of the top while making sure the samples, magazines etc were placed in the bag perfectly too – don’t laugh, it was a hard job!

Helping out at A Date with Kate made me realise that I didn’t even need to bother going to the gym AT ALL that week – not with all the heavy lifting and millions of miles that I walked – carrying the 100+ goodie bags down two flights of stairs was a workout in itself.

Not to mention all the various other heavy things that a tiny girl like me shouldn’t even attempt to carry under normal circumstances – if this was the gym the heavily roided-up bodybuilder would tell me to get out of the weights area before I get a hernia.

Next up was setting out La Pharmacie which included putting up the pull-up banners, which isn’t as easy as it looks – you should have to study a degree in it first before even attempting to do this hard task. As well as placing stunning white lily’s in vintage medicine bottles and sorting out the seating plan – this made me realise that I never want a big wedding which would have to involve a seating plan.

As soon as we had finished setting up the place the models had emerged and were ready to rehearse.

Now you may think “oh what the hell – all they have to do is walk and pose, walk and pose – I do that on a daily basis!”

Well perhaps you do – if you’re anything like me it’s more like on an hourly basis – but doing a REAL catwalk so much more difficult, plus doing it in 5″ platforms with the extra weight of about 100 hair rollers is always going to be harder than doing it in a pair of pink converse.

A quick run to the news agents to stock up on skittles, wotsits and pepsi max ensured that we had some energy to start preparing ALL the dresses. However, after losing count at the fifth full rail of dresses I soon gave up and instead did the rather tedious task of ripping up pieces of paper and writing 1 through 10 on them with the rest of the MFW team so we all actually had an idea of which dresses go out when and on who.

After a quick stare at the models getting their hair done and looking down at my straw-bleached mess – seriously it looks like I have ombre hair but in reality I just have the worst roots – it was time to get the show going!

I wish I had nice hair 😦

Now I thought it was too hot/too cramped and too many basically naked bodies in Empire on a Saturday night but that’s nothing compared to how it was down in the basement of la pharmacie.

Seeing the models in nothing more than a nude g-string made me nearly think of going on a diet – but then I remembered I loved KFC too much.

After the first set of dresses of the première collection were shown ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE – there were dresses EVERYWHERE as well as the millions of bespoke fascinators and even more shoes than Topshop Middlesbrough could even imagine of.

Plus me being my OCD tidy self I had to organise everything back into its proper position while the rest of the MFW team frantically zipped up and laced up the models dresses while trying not to mess up their hair by placing on the fascinators.

After each collection we got a mini break where the lucky people upstairs dined on mini burgers/salmon bites and other yummy things like that while I tried to hunt down those skittles I bought earlier to no such luck :(.

As before when the shows were up-and-running again it was CHAOS!

I almost felt sorry for the poor dresses being strewn on the floor but then remembered cotton doesn’t have feelings so carried on picking up and hanging the dresses on the rail and occasionally being shocked  by the models coming down the stairs bare butt naked.

An hour or so later the show had come to an end and we all breathed a HUGE sigh of relief – climbing up the stairs while our tummies rumbled away we politely clapped for Kate herself, the models and US lot, all I could think about was the chicken ceaser salads that we were prepared for us that I could spot out of the corner of my eye.

We may be looking happy but really all we could think about was CHEESECAKE!

Now if you had thought that models never eat then you were very VERY wrong indeed.

These bunch of beautiful babes were scoffing down that ceaser salad faster than I was and I’ve been known to finish off a cupcake in less than 3 seconds.

All in all the Middlesbrough Fashion Week kick-off party – A Date with Kate – went AMAZINGLY well and we couldn’t have wished for a more perfect event to start off MFW.


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