My Little Beauty

25 May

It’s hard to get more iconic than an American Airstream Classic travel trailer. With its unique design it is instantly identifiable and has truly become a legend on the road.

My Little Beauty has taken this iconic vehicle and converted it into a fully functioning mobile beauty salon. Middlesbrough Fashion Week sat down with Kerry Lewis – the creator of My Little Beauty – to discuss Kansas, festivals and bling. 

“As you can see, My Little Beauty is set in an American Airstream trailer, it’s a classic from 1962 and a definite head turner when we are travelling down the A66 first thing on a Monday morning.

“I travelled all the way to Kansas, the home town of Dorothy Gale, in the US to pick it up and brought it back here a few years ago – but pretty much all that remains is the outer shell as we completely converted the interior to a modern beauty salon.”

The 27-foot long salon houses a nail bar, a tanning booth, and a massage couch – basically everything you would expect in a normal beauty parlour but set in trailer!

However, in addition to the beauty salon facilities there is a big party area full of twinkly lights, squashy chairs and vintage adornments plus KARAOKE. 

It really is a fun area to come and party whatever your occasion whether it be a hen party, a birthday party for 10-year-old girls or a pamper party after a heavy Friday night. 

Kerry also takes the My Little Beauty American Airstream trailer out on the road to festivals during the summer. “If we are going to a family festival we offer face painting, shimmer tattoos, nail art – it’s all quick and easy fun things for young girls.

“If it’s a more grungy-type festival people come in for relaxation after perhaps a bad night in their tent so we do a lot of massages and treats such as organic facials and express manicures.”

Next up it was my turn to get onto the waxing couch to sort out my extra bushy eyebrows – for a mere £3 it was hard to turn down and I desperately needed to get them sorted out – I was starting to resemble Frida Kahlo and that’s never a good look!

Now i’ve always wanted to get my eyebrows done but with salons charging up to £10 I wasn’t too keen to hand over that kind of money for something I can do at home with the use of 3 different pairs of tweezers, mini wax strips and a razor – my younger days BTW.

First up was getting rid of any of my stray hairs – of which there were a lot, who knew they would be half-way up my forehead?! – I blame my Italian genes :(. This was done with a pair of tweezers after being numbed down with a cold compress and it didn’t hurt one bit.

Next came the HOT WAX – which was pretty darn sticky and I hate sticky things but I was willing to suffer for beauty. However, as soon as the wax strip was loaded onto my face I did get pretty nervous for this almighty pain I’ve heard about so much BUT I’m not just saying this to prove how ‘ard I am – which is very ‘ard  btw – it didn’t hurt AT ALL.

To finish off Kerry shaped my eyebrows into a beautiful curved arch for my heart-shaped face and after a quick bit of foundation to cover up any redness I was set to go and show off my new eyebrows to the world! – well to my mum who LOVED them. 


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