Lip revival

27 May

While wandering around the various stalls and stands in Psyche, the one that caught my eye in particular was Revive.  

All the other stalls were basically handing out ‘goodie’ bags full of leaflets or free drinks but this stand were doing something that I never thought I would see during a fashion party…

The non-surgical cosmetic clinic – which is based on the first floor in Psyche – was demonstrating a live botox treatment on one of the male members of staff!

After staring at the botox treatment for about 5 minutes I asked Dianne Plummer –  who runs Revive – very cheekily if they needed a dermal filler ‘model’ later on to show their treatments off to the rest of the fashion party-goers and guess what? – she said YES.

Yes, I Chantal Taylor-Phoenix-Lauper-Hart was about to get collagen pumped into my tiny non-existent lips!

However, I couldn’t just get into the chair and automatically have Mick Jagger-esque lips straight away. I had to have some numbing ‘magic’ cream applied all around my mouth and to be honest it wasn’t a very pretty sight.

After 20 minutes of sitting in the corner hoping nobody would see me with thick white cream all over my face Dianne called me over with needle in hand.

Now, if this was anybody else they would most likely be nervous as hell but I’ve eben a diabetic for over 12 years now so needles do not bother me AT ALL – it’s a good thing I guess, well except for the dying 10 years younger/ going blind/losing a foot/lifelong illness part.

So there I was sat on a beauty therapy chair while about 20 people watched Dianne plump my lips with collagen.

Yes I did sometimes curl my toes when the needle went into the delicate skin around my lips but TBH it was more painful wearing my super high shoe boots all night then it was getting dermal fillers.

After about 20 minutes my lips were done and dusted and oh boy, was it noticeable already!

I was already planning on what lipstick to wear tomorrow to best show off my new lips – I went with Mac’s Girl About Town in the end – bright pink is definitely going to get passer-by’s attention.

However, there was a downside to the dermal fillers – BRUISES! One on each side of my mouth and by gosh they were extremely sore for the next few days but hey one has to suffer for one’s beauty. 


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