Carnival Cool

28 May

Middlesbrough Fashion Week ended on a high note at the ‘New Look:Lock In – Fashion Carnival.’ From bespoke cupcakes to face-painting to live mannequins, oh and 20% discount throughout the store, it certainly was  a fun and fabulous way to end MFW. 

Before the clock hit 6pm, myself and the other MFW helpers had to prepare the store for the fashion carnival all within 30 minutes of the store closing – and by gosh it was a turbulent and busy time.

Moving the store mannequins out of the window – so the live ones could replace them, but more on that later – was a job and a half in itself!

The amount of arms/legs/heads we lost while attempting to move them was unbelievable! – it was like a scene out of Return to Oz – which is a film I do NOT recommend BTW unless you enjoy being terrified.

Next up was prepping the live mannequins – I swear to Jesus, this was one of the hardest tasks. You wouldn’t believe that a real life mannequin could be as, how can I put it delicately – oh I can’t, as empty-headed as an actual plastic mannequin!

A sample piece of ‘conversation’ went as such – Me: “go left, half a foot or so please” *real life mannequin moves a metre to the right – gets phone out and starts texting away.*

I soon gave up and passed the task onto a store assistant who somehow managed in the end to get them all stood still and modelling the clothes just in time for the shoppers to start lining up outside – it did look great in the end though but perhaps took a bit longer then necessary to get to that point.

After a very quick trip to McDonalds to buy a meal of chicken nuggets and coffee for the MFW team it was all systems go!

Standing at the front of the store with plenty gooodie bags in my hands for the first 100 shoppers was quite a daunting experience.

Never have I seen so many people stampede and clamber over each other to get their hands on the goodie bags! – I now know how it feels to be a dinner lady at lunch time.

After all the 100 goodie bags were handed out within 2 minutes it was time to start helping out behind the chocolate fountain – where I ate more marshmallows than I gave out – but I soon decided to move on after realising that standing behind a chocolate fountain is never a good place for a diabetic.

I then spotted the most amazing cake of all time sitting there on the raffle stand, I ran over and gave all my 50ps to the poor woman to try and win the ruffle petal clutch cake. However, after about 5 turns I didn’t even come close to winning 😦 I did manage to get the Ghost perfume set out of pure sympathy though 😉

Next up was the fashion show – there was something for everyone, all ages – all genders, all sizes and most importantly all styles!

Watch the video below for pictures from the live catwalk which included everything from aztec maxi dresses for cute little girls to straw trilbys on delicious dudes.

After the catwalk show – it was time to get our shop on! With two full floors or clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories it was very easy – and cheap with the 20% discount – to choose a complete outfit for a day out with the boyfriend that weekend.

In the end I went for a 50s style floral prom dress, a purple jersey varsity jacket and a pair of nude ballet pumps and it came to a total of… £18!

In between all of my shopping – when I start, I can’t stop – I took small breaks to go stare at the amazingly beautiful cupcakes by The American Cake Company and I even stood in line with about five 7-year-old girls to get my face-painted – I wanted to be a lion but sadly that wasn’t a choice so I went for a cherry blossom effect instead.

The ‘New Look: Lock In – Fashion Carnival’ was the perfect way to end Middlesbrough Fashion Week – what more could you want then mega discounts, plenty of sweets, a full catwalk show and goodie bags?! 

After an extremely long week going from event to event through out Middlesbrough town centre, reporting on all the shows and making up what felt like a MILLION goodie bags, I couldn’t wait to chill out, slip off my suede platform wedges and munch down on a cupcake and oh boy, did it feel good.


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